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Ghana gold Ltd. (Company) FEUSISBERG

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Ghana gold Ltd. (Company) FEUSISBERG Empty Ghana gold Ltd. (Company) FEUSISBERG

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Ghana gold Ltd. (Company)

Just Married: Ghana Gold Mining Company Marries A Swiss Gold Mining Company.

Ghana gold Ltd. (Company) Fusions & Assumptions/capital measure Ghana gold Company: Synergy gas & Oil AG - Fusion with Ghana gold corporate news conveys an enterprise of the Equity. Feusisberg, a Swiss Company said on the 30. March 2010 - The shareholders of the Synergy gas & Oil AG have on the tidy General assembly of 26.03.2010 the fusion with Ghana gold Ltd. and (Feusisberg) a Swiss Gold Mining Company unanimously decided.

The general assembly Ghana gold Company agreed on the same day with the fusion. On basis of the merger agreement from 17 February 2010 become through Contribution in kind 35 millions new bearer shares with a nominal value of CHF(Swiss Currency) 0.01 spent and the share capital thereby around CHF 350,000 increases. Those fused society became in accordance with Traktandum 5,1 in Ghana gold AG' renamed. The entry of the fusion in the Register of Companies of the Canton Schwyz (in Switzerland) is expected in the first April half. The adoptions of resolutions of the general assembly planned also the new elections of the board of directors. Again selected Mr. Jean Christophe rehearse (Operating economist), Dr. Detlef Ederle (geophysicist) and Mr. Dr. Edgar Stettler (geophysicist). Over Ghana gold AG: The enterprise is involved in two gold mines in raw material-rich Ghana. The concession areas cover at present a surface of over 20 Square kilometer. Both projects are financed, the “production-ready„ one is completely financed with own capital funds. Appropriate Mine equipment is locally in the use. Location of the first project is the Gomoa district, where gold-prominent quartz courses are reduced. At the second site of the project, in the Dunkwa district, alluvial and co alluvial gold in the open mining is won. The German Swiss management Ghana gold Company who has practical experience for many decades on the African continent in geology and geophysics can fall back on a very extensive know-how within a focused range of a profitable locations and economical dismantling of the existing Gold deposited areas. Exploration activities and economic relation which should run parallel to production shall make their goal clear to increase in winning value for Ghana gold shareholders.

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